Theme is the underlying comment or idea about life or human nature

The theme (or themes) of a story can usually be stated very simply, sometimes as a single word or phrase. It is the main idea behind the story, but it may have nothing to do with the events of the story.

For instance, Freak The Mighty is a story that follows the friendship of two boys who live in Cincinnati, but that is not the theme. The theme (or themes) of the story could be stated as “overcoming self,” and/or “value of friendship.” You should be prepared to answer any of the following THEME related questions.

THEME Questions

  1. What is the main message that the author is trying to tell us about life?
  2. What is the message or moral of the novel?
  3. In what way have you been influenced by the novel?
  4. Does the theme compare or contrast with that of other literature that you have studied?
  5. Why does this book continue to appeal to modern-day readers? What timeless aspects of the story do you relate to?
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