When instructed to do so, CHOOSE 1 OF THE Level Ups from below.

By the end of the semester, you must complete ALL Level Up Tutorials.

  1. Listen to and/or read the TUTORIAL.
  2. Complete the PRACTICES/Answer the questions.
  3. Create a GOOGLE DOC with all of the following
    1. Title:
    2. List 5 things I would want you to know from the Tutorial.
    3. Write 1 question you or someone else MUST know the answer to.
    4. Write the answer to your question.
  4. Submit all of your work to the most current Level Up Assignment in Canvas.

Level Ups

  1. Plot 
  2. Setting: Effect on Plot
  3. Methods of Characterization
  4. Character Traits
  5. Character Motivation
  6. Characters and Conflict
  7. Making Inferences about Characters
  8. Point of View
  9. First-Person – POV
  10. Third-Person – POV
  11. Narrator and Speaker
  12. Theme
  13. Imagery
  14. Figurative Language
  15. Author’s Purpose
  16. Evidence
  17. Summarizing
  18. Central Idea and Details

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