Student Focus Questions for Film Viewing
(Source: Literacy & Learning In the Content Areas; Chapter 9, page 285) –

  1. What (or whose) point of view is represented in this film? How might the story be told differently using another’s point of view?
  2. What content information did you learn from this movie?
    How does it connect with other things you’ve learned in this class or on your own?
  3. What do you see as a pervasive motif, or overall theme, to this movie? Is it well developed? How did the screenwriter or director convey this theme?
  4. Reflect on how you made sense of this film. Were there points of confusion for you?  Did you combine what you were seeing and hearing with background information you already knew?  What surprises did you become aware of as you watched?
  5. Which characters were well developed? Which were simple, and which  were complex?  Did any characters grow or change over the course of the story?
  6. Describe the role of the outside intervention (e.g., the supernatural, a wise elder, witch) in allowing the hero to be successful in his quest. –
  7. What was the importance of the setting?  What elements  contributed to the successful portrayal of the setting?
  8. What symbols did you find? Were they effective for you?
  9. Discuss the use of special effects. Evaluate the film in terms of music, artistic quality, and crafting.
  10. What values are portrayed in this film?  Did you feel it was preachy or manipulative? In what ways?  What did you learn about people, human nature, or societies?
  11. If you also read the book (assuming there is one), which did you prefer? What differences did you notice? What characteristics were prominent or effective in each mode of presentation?
  12. What would you say to a friend who asked you about this movie?

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