You have to publish a READING JOURNAL page on your website.

Your Reading Journal page is the only place you will post journal entries for the book you are reading from this point on. Every day or night you have to log your reading on your Independent Reading Log.  We use a page with a lot Journal Starters. We divide our novels up into 10-15 pieces, and as we read through our book, each time we hit a fraction of our book, we look to the Journal Starter page and do a Journal Entry that has to be a well developed paragraph incorporating quotations from the text. When you have completed your novel or book of some kind, you will  refer to your journal entries posted on the Reading Journal page to get your Approach Paper POST written.

PURPOSE – The purpose of this page is relatively summed up in the above paragraph, but you can do some additional reading to come to a deeper understanding of why we keep Reading Journals. Pick one of the following links, read an article, post an opinion piece about the topic. Check out these pages:

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