I will ultimately design my own web quest on cyber safety. For now, I thought these were pretty good. Whichever site you pick, you must answer all questions on paper where required. If you are working in a group, decide on ONE WEBQUEST. If you have a Google account, you can do your work in Google Drive, save your work as YOURNAME-Cybersafety, and SHARE it with me. You could share things with me using a GAGGLE account too.

Here are the CYBER SAFETY WEBQUEST choices.

  1. Safe Online Internet Challenge  – This a more interactive QUEST. You can download and print the worksheets for this one. The RUBRIC is in the documents. Scavenger Hunt Document (MS Word) | Scavenger Hunt Document (PDF).
  2. Internet Safety Webquest – a California edition  – The links to use for this QUEST are woven in each section with the questions. The RUBRIC is at the bottom of the page.
  3. Beavercreek High School Internet Safety Webquest  – The QUEST is laid out initially when you get to the page. The links you must use for the QUEST are grouped after all the questions toward the bottom of the page as is the RUBRIC.
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