Student Driven Vocabulary Lists can be very inspiring. Check this out.

Week 1 – List Generation & Information Sharing

Monday-Tuesday: List Generation

  • During D.E.A.R. time, (while reading your personal Novels, Magazine Articles, etc.), each individual student will generate one word from his/her reading. The word should be a word you think a teacher might have chosen to include on a vocabulary list. A group of four will have four words to choose from. The group will offer one word (of the four) to be considered for the class vocabulary list. In our case, we will end up with a maximum of 24 words by the end of the day Monday. By the end of the day Tuesday only ten words will remain to make up the master list for the cycle.

Wednesday-Friday: Information Sharing

  • Our Word Wall will be populated with information prepared by those people whose words make the final cut.
  • The following information must be included:
    • Word (as it appears in the sentence)
    • Part of Speech (as used in the sentence)
    • Definition (as used in the sentence)
    • Sentence properly cited in which the word appears (Book Title or Magazine Title and Issue, Article Title, Author, Page #)
    • Forms of the word (and correlated parts of speech)

Week 1 HW – (DUE FRIDAY) – Students are always required to prepare VIS Sheets (VISS) for any new vocabulary. The VISS is a four column chart with the following headings: Word, Personal Clue, Sentence from Text, Definition. Get a copy of the form – Vocabulary Improvement Strategy Sheet – Excel

  • Word – the word spelled as it is used in the sentence and the part of speech
  • Personal Clue – synonyms, the word in another language, other forms of the word, a drawing, antonyms . . . anything that will remind you, yes you, of the definition. This column makes it personal.
  • Sentence from the Text – the actual sentence from the actual text that you actually saw the actual word in. DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN SENTENCE FOR THIS.
  • Definition – The dictionary definition that matches the use of the word in the sentence you found the word in. Uh, ever hear of

Week 2 – Study Time

Week 2 HW – (DUE WEDNESDAY) – Prepare something to show you have been working with the words. Prepare more than 1 item and I will double, triple, quadruple (Yes, you read it here – QUADRUPLE.) your grade. Admit it, it can’t hurt to have the occasional grade quadrupled. You could . . .

  • view the page and sub pages – FINAL Project OPTIONS and/or . . .
  • write a story with the words used properly,
  • write a song with the words and efinitions in it,
  • create a flip study book,
  • make flash cards,
  • create a memory game,
  • create LINGO (TM) cards (with a Words & Definitions reference page),
  • create You’ve Been Sentenced (TM) cards (with Words & Definitions reference page),
  • create a crossword with the definitions as the clues (blank game and Answer Key required),
  • create a word search with the definitions as clues (blank game and Answer Key required),
  • create a JUMBLE,
  • the list goes on, and on, and on.

The vocabulary test will be on FRIDAY of the second week unless otherswise posted.

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