The new vocabulary list is taking shape RIGHT NOW. Here are your due dates.

  • VOCABULARY CHARTS are due MONDAY 1/17/2011.
  • Your next VOCABULARY TEST will be on 1/24/2011.

Today in class, you read to find one (1) word in your own personal reading that I might have chosen to include on a vocabulary list. The following pertinent information had to be recorded in your notebook:

  1. The actual sentence from the passage with your word underlined with proper citation (Book or Magazine or Article Title and Issue, Author, Page #)
  2. Part of Speech (as used in the sentence)
  3. Definition (as used in the sentence)
  4. Forms of the word (and their parts of speech)

Tomorrow, we will decide on the final list of words. With your help, I will be selecting 5 words from each block for a total of 15 words on the list. You better get ready for the test this time.

The master list for the Vocabulary Test that will occur on January 24th, 2011 will be posted (1/14/2011). If your word is chosen, you must post to this discussion the pertinent information for your word.

  • cynical
  • approbation
  • flamboyant
  • prevail
  • irritable
  • plasma
  • exuberant
  • lobbyist
  • sinister
  • cathedral
  • polygamy
  • prejudice
  • dismember
  • blithely
  • degrade
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