Stage 5 – Adjust the PLUGINS

Add Links to your group members’ sites. Along the left bar of options – Links OR At the top – +New (menu pops up) Link.

  • Name – FirstName’s Site =  John’s Site
  • Address –
  • Description – nothing necessary, but you could include a review of the basic features found at the site.

Design Customization will add to your site’s look and feel. Along the left bar of options – Appearance.

  • Appearance/Themes
    • WIDGETS – This is where you set up your sidebar. For now, we will only concentrate on the essentials. If you have one sidebar for the theme you selected, then the items in the list must be in the order I list them. If you have more than one sidebar in the theme you selected, then the items in the list must be closest to the top.
      • Here are the required sidebar widgets
        • Avatar
        • Calendar
        • Search (NOT Google search)
        • Recent Posts
        • Recent Comments
        • Pages
        • Links (Blogroll)
        • Archives

Presentation/Colors (some)If your theme allows you to manipulate the color scheme, then do so. Change the color to fit your style.

  • Activate useful security, editing, and other features such as Plugins/Akismet, Disable all email notifications;
  • Options/Discussion/
    • Before a comment appears – CHECK – “An administrator must always approve the comment”
  • Option/Reading
  • Options/Writing
  • The Dashboard – Quick Links

The Great Student Blog Project – Introduction & Overview

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