Part 3 – Crafting The Rules

Rule Drafting

TEACHER: Have the room set up in table groups of 5-7 desks or so. A class of 30 could be split into 5 groups of 6, 6 groups of 5, etc.

STUDENTS: Today in groups, you will work on coming up with a set of eight rules based on the character traits we’ve been studying.

Let’s review!

  1. You talked about rules.
  2. We made word webs about character traits.
  3. We worked closely with the Student Code of Conduct Book.
  4. You talked about what you thought of school rules.

Let’s get this going!

Draft 1 – Individuals – five minutes – You will begin by drafting a rule for your own trait. You will write a rule for the classroom, bring it to me, and hopefully get my approval. The rule must state the proper action not the improper action. The key is to prompt the reader into or toward the correct behavior. For instance:

  • INSTEAD OF – Students will not be late to class.
  • YOU COULD WRITE – Students will be on time to class.

Draft 2 – Small Groups – five-ten minutes – You will continue by redrafting rules for a trait you have in common with up to four other people. You will decide on 2 or 3 rules for the classroom. These 2 or three will be presented to the class.

Final Drafts – Whole Class – You will present the rules to the class for ultimate selection. The class will vote for the favorite rule on each trait.

At this point, you are ready to make posters for the rules.

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