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The Book Project for Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

  • To start things off, complete the following anticipation Guide FOR HOMEWORK.
    • research and/or provide answers to these questions:
      • What do you know about World War II?
      • What do you know about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany?
      • Are you interested in stories about real-life heroes?
      • Would you ever treat someone badly because of his or her race or religion?
      • Are you interested in stories that reveal injustice?
      • Would you be able to spend more than two years hiding in an attic?
      • Are you interested in stories about real teens that must cope with evil?
      • Would you allow others to destroy your life because they do not like you rrace or religion?
  • Then, go to the Anne Frank Webquest. Once there, answer the questions on the page. Here’s the worksheet to fill in.
  • Then, and intermitently, we will listen to, work on and have discussions born of  Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl Study Guide Questions.
  • Ultimately we will close with a discussion of tolerance, open-mindedness and our society.
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