With all the fervor over the opportunity to work on poetry with your classmates, I figured I’d call it a project and write it up. Just know that working on poetry is WORK – hard work. One of the most frequently given pieces of advice I hear – possibly the most important – is, “Never forget the basics.” You will need a strong foundation in the basics in order to write good poetry. The funny thing is that once you know the basics and are ready to begin writing, you may want to throw them out the window and scrap all the rules for writing all together. Here are some articles on the poetic craft:


Poetry Workshopping is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and a strong will, or desire, to go on when the going gets tough. Here are some articles about taking criticism:


Before you post some of your own work to this page, and before you post comments or suggestions on someone else’s work, check out the site(s) listed next. These sites will give you a good idea about how to behave when you are dealing with sensitive material, and sensitive people.

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