Read this . . .Audience Etiquette

All will be expected to follow proper Audience Etiquette. Your failure to abide by these guidelines will result in your receiving a zero (0) on your presentation/performance.

If you receive a “zero” for not following Audience Etiquette, you will have one chance to make up that grade at the teacher’s discretion. After getting a “zero” for audience etiquette, you will only be able to earn 80% of the grade you earned on your  presentation/performance.

  • Pay attention to all presentations/performances; watch and listen.
  • Stay quiet; absolutely no talking.
  • Never make fun of another person’s presentation/performance.
  • Refrain from shouting comments to or intentionally distracting the presenter/performer during a presentation.
  • Avoid practicing your own material during other presentations/performances.
  • Hold applauds until all presentations have been seen.
  • Never get out of your seat, move around the room, or distract the teacher during a presentation/performance.
  • The teacher-director is the one to offer suggestions or critiques after final performances.
  • Grading will be completed using the rubric agreed upon.
  • Audience memebrs will have an opportunity to give feedback anonymously.
  • During the practice/rehearsal process you will often provide peer evaluations to enhance the final presentation.
  • Please refrain from making negative remarks to your classmates after they have completed a final performance.

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