The Great Student Blog Project

Teachers, you can use this to set up your own, too.

Originally devised in 2008, this project is currently under construction and refinement. 2/22/2013. Subdivisions of this project into stepped pages in the High School Halls and shopping malls is inevitable.

TEACHERS: This is a huge responsibility, and you have to be websavy, as they say, in order to manage this magnitude of a project. If you have any suggestions – for how this project can be fine tuned, how you have tweaked one like this to work in your classroom or organization, or anything else – post them to this page.

Thanks for helping me to help you and others as best I can. Enjoy.

STUDENTS: To those of you concerned with exactly what the Great Student Blog Project satisfies, those of you who ask, “Why are we doing this?”

This project, and everything else I do as a part of my practice, is designed to empower you to step into high school (and past high school) more prepared for what you find than anyone else around you. The project is the integrative piece that pulls everything we do together. It, at one time or another, as used for one or another purpose, will satisfy everything laid out in Common Core State Standards as well as the standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  I have read and studied them.

Find out how your life will be defined for the next, oh, eternity. We will all hand things off to our children’s children as they will to theirs.

SO!, Let’s get into this thing . . .

The Great Student Blog Project – Introduction & Overview

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