Stage 4  – Adjust the SETTINGS

Make your website function the way you want it to.

Update your Profile.  Along the left bar of options, select Users then Your Profile OR At the top – +New (menu pops up) Link.

Usernames must be set to FIRSTNAME, then LastInitial, then last four of your Student ID. For instance . . .

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt with a Student ID of 12345678 would have a Username of JohnS5678.

Passwords should be set to your Student ID. John Hancock’s password would be 12345678.

Rolling over your name in the upper right hand corner will bring up a small box, and from that box you can select Edit My Profile.

Next, adjust the settings for discussion, reading, writing, and so on.

  • Settings/General
    • Site Title: required
    • Tag Line: subtitle required
    • Show top toolbar when viewing site – CHECK
    • Click “SAVE CHANGES”
  • Settings/Writing
    • Size of Post Box – 30
    • Formatting – Convert Emoticons – Yes . . . CHECK
    • WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically – Yes . . . CHECK
    • Enable the Atom publishing protocol – Yes . . . CHECK
    • Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols. – Yes . . . CHECK
  • Settings/Reading
    • To have your presence on the WEB feel more like a BLOG internet website – SELECT your latest post
    • To have your presence on the web feel more like a STANDARD internet website – We will get to this later. Leave it set to your latest post.
    • Show at least – 15 – posts and syndication feeds
    • Show full text in syndication feeds.
  • Settings/Discussion
    • Allow link notifications – YES
    • Allow people to post comments to new articles – YES
    • Comment author must fill out name and email -YES
    • Enable threaded (nested) comments 5 deep – YES
    • An administrator must approve the comment – YES
    • Show avatars – YES
    • ALL others should remain or be made UNCHECKED
  • Settings/Privacy
    • Allow search engines to index this site
    • ALL others should remain or be made UNCHECKED
  • Settings/Blog Avatar
    • Upload something Middle School Appropriate
  • Settings/Subscribe to Comments
    • Change NOTHING


The Great Student Blog Project – Introduction & Overview

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