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A selfless and selfish option, but probably the most helpful one, is for you to work on VOCABULARY. But this is no ordinary Vocabulary work. Here’s how it works.

  • You play a game in which you are given a term. Then you are given 4 word choices – one of which is a synonym of the initial term. You have to match the synonym to the term.
  • For each word you get right, the website donates 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger. How do you like that!?


HELP Someone else eat. Learn some vocabulary in the process.

East Of The Web . ComOH – OH NO!!

The East of the Web Suite of games exploits the gaming end of the mind to teach word attack skills to all ability levels.

The cool thing about the site is that some of the games allow different people in different places (anywhere in the world) can actually play against one another.

Check it out. Learn as much as you can as you try to show others how much WORD Game you have.

Reading Comprehension – Context Clues 


Reading Comprehension Exercises



(For Florida Students and provided by the State of Florida DOE)

As the primary resource for the use of technology in reading acheivment improvements, the following resources provided through the FCAT Explorer website have been approved for use. Students of grades 6 & 7 are to access the Grade 6 resources. A sign-in and password are required for the use of the FCAT Explorer website. Click here for some THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FCAT Explorer.

  • FCAT Explorer student sign-in conventions are as follows:
    • Username: LastName+1st Initial
    • Password: 06+1st4LettersLastName+MMDD(birthday)

Once you are signed in to the FCAT Explorer website, follow these instructions select READING ISLAND (Grade 6).

  • CLICK “Let’s Go!”
  • Click “View Questions” to preview the questions.
  • Read the selection.
  • Click “Answer Questions”
    • Proceed through questions
    • Click “Check Answer” to check your answer.
    • 1st wrong instance – suggestion with options: (1) Practice Power, (2) Skill Builder
      • Practice Power offers questions of similar concept
      • Skill Builder offers definition of concept & examples
  • At any time during the practice session, you can click on “Explorer’s Report” to review your progress in report format. Using the Explorer’s Report you can You can
  • See what your strengths and weaknesses are (scary):
  • How many times you have attempted an item (middle)
  • The percentage of questions you got correct (right)
  • View your overall grade summary (bottom)

Useful computer bits of knowledge:

  • To open a new tab: Hold down the apple (or CTRL on a pc computer) key, and tap the letter “T”.
  • To copy a block of text: Highlight the text you want to copy. Then hold down the apple (or CTRL on a pc computer) key and tap the letter “C”.
  • To paste a block of text: Click where you want to paste the text. Then hold down the apple (or CTRL on a pc computer) key and tap the letter “V”.
  • Windows HotKeys.
  • MAC HotKeys.
  • Sacramento City College: Practice in Context Clues offered in a smooth frame by frame practice session with still snap shots.
    • Just click along. Yoiu better read everything, though, so nothing gets confusing.
  • TV411.ORG– Reading – This site has some of hte most effective reading comprehension practice I’ve found around the net. 
    • TV411-Reading 1 : This lesson and activity is focused on basic context clue word attack skills. These short simple examples tip you off to context clues so you can get the hang of it and understand what’s going on.
    • TV411-Reading 2 : This lesson is concerned with words that have multiple meanings.
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