Day 3-4

Place students in groups of three, and assign an individual term or a conceptual group of terms to each group.

Some (suggested) conceptual groups are:

  1. Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Metonymy;
  2. Theme, Main Idea, Repetition (in poetry/fiction);
  3. Setting’s Mood, Character’s Tone;
  4. Main Character (Protagonist), Secondary Character (Antagonist);
  5. Main Character, Conflict(s);
  6. Connotation, Sarcasm, Irony, Hyperbole, Idiom;
  7. Alliteration, Rhyme, Assonance; Rhythm, Repetition;
  8. Onomatopoiea, Alliteration, Assonance;
  9. Plot, Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Resolution.
  10. Devices of Persuasion: Bandwagon, Plain Folks, Testimonial, Snob Appeal, Emotional Words
  11. Author’s use of Imagery: Sight, Taste, Touch, Sound, Smell

Explain that “You will be creating a poster to illustrate the literary term you are assigned. Your poster must include (1) the term/concept, (2) the definition, and (3) examples. All group members must be able to explain everything and anything questioned on the poster. You MUST be able to explain whatever you decide to include on your poster. If you can not explain how your example is a good one, then you are not helping yourself, and you certainly are doing no one else any good.” 

Allow the groups 2 class periods (two hours in school and two nights at home for HW) to research and agree on examples, then create the poster (pencil rough draft), and finalize the poster (color over the pencil, etc.).

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