Stage 1 – Meet & Greet

Meet your group members, get acquainted.  You’ll be put into 4 person groups for various projects throughout the year. You will have to work with them one way or another through your websites. Find out who they are, what they’re about, where they’re from, where their families are from, anything you can find out, find out.

  • Divide up to ensure equal loads for everyone. Everyone will have to publish (after taking them through the entire creative/writing process) the same basic pages on their websites. Additional pages can be added per my approval and proof of the entire creative/writing process.
  • When it comes to comments people send in to your website pages or posts, you must approve a comment before it can post. This is a setting that must be made in the Settings area of the site. Do not approve comments written by people who we do not know. If you approve comments by people we do not know, your site will be deleted. Get parental/teacher approval first.
  • You may approve comments by people we know, such as:
    • classmates with the email addresses we know
    • classmates with Edublogs addresses we have in our links lists
    • teachers who teach you or have taught you at this school
    • administrators at this school
    • your parents and/or legal guardian

Parent Authorization Form

  • Download the form –  – Parent Authorization Website: This form is required in order to ensure that you, your parent(s)/legal guardians, and I are all on the same page. It is essential that everyone be aware of what the website is intended for, and how it will be applied and monitored.
  • Usernames must be set to FIRSTNAME, then LastInitial, then last four of your Student ID.
    • For instance, John Hancock with a Student ID of 12345678 would have a Username of JohnH5678. Passwords should be set to your Student ID. John Hancock’s password would be 12345678.

The Great Student Blog Project – Introduction & Overview

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