Megan P
An interview with Sybil

1. How did it feel to run away from Master Thorston?
I felt as though I was finally free. But at the same time sad and frightened knowing I might meet my fate. But once I got out it was nerve racking. Master Thorston could have woken up at any moment to see his stone and book was gone. Well his servant too! And as you know that is just what he did.

2. Were you frightened when Master Thorston saw you in the grave yard?
I was very, very frightened. I thought I was going to die. Master was full of power while I had nothing to protect me. But then luckily Brother Wilfred came out of nowhere and took out Master Thorston. Thanks to him I am still alive.

3. How did it feel to see Mater Thorston die?
It was agonizing. Watching him die made me feel nauscious. He was normal for a second and then he began to shrivel like a raisin or prune. It reminded me of when a drop of water falls on a stove and it bubbles and soon disinigrates.

4. Now, how does it feel that Master Thorston is gone forever?
It feels GREAT! I can live my life free with Odo the goat in Italy. Together we enjoy life knowing we will never see that terrible so-called Master’s face again. It’s a wonderful feeling. Almost indescribable. All I can say is that I LOVE IT!!!

5. Where are you going to go now?
Well now I’m going to go to Italy with Odo. Actually I live there now. A carefree life. Just taking what life gives me, living life to the fullest because you never know what is going to happen next. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.


Jessica F
An interview with Sybil

1. Was it difficult working with a man you thought was dead?
-Yes, because with a man (who you think is dead) you never know the true answers that lie beneath.

2. Is it hard working with a person like Damian?
– In many ways it was hard working with Damian because he stole, argumented on everything and was very stubborn, but whenever he did help it was never turned down.

3. Did you enjoy going through the process where you were learning about the magic and the book without words, etc…?
– Well, I must admit, it was scary and frightening because you never knew what was going to happen next.

4. What was it like seeing Thorston of the grave, when you thought he was dead?
– Well of course it was extremely surprising because when you think someone is dead, you don’t expect them to come back to life.

5. What is your background relating to your parents?
– I was abondoned on the street and Thorston came to rescue me.


An Interview with Brother Wilfrid

What was your childhood dream that made you want to become a monk?
Wildfrid: Well Janet, as you can see i have always been a very short person. It was a song that i use to sing when i was little it was very inspiring. It goes like this: Your big im little my head only comes your middle but i say little guys can do big things too.

Was your main goal in life to find the book?
Wilfrid: Yes it was. It was all that i thought about. Questions like will i ever get it? How will i find Thorston? Things like that boggled my mind.

Why is it that when you ate the stone Sybil did not die?
Wilfrid: Well as you may see i am not any younger, but i am stronger. And the last stone was time nothing like magic or rememberance.

After finding and burying the book what did you do?
Wilfrid: I became a male model for elder men. Who says you cant be old and stylish? If thorston never stole the book without words what would you have done with your life? I am glad he stole the book he took the book. My life has been a wonderful adventure. If he hadnt stole the book i would still be on the island.


An interview with Thorston

Q. Why did it take so long to create the stones of life?
A. Well, you see, I had to find a way to survive, so I became a goathred. After a While, I started practicing Alchemy, and making “gold”. From then on, I started to prepare to create the stones of life.

Q. Was there anything else besides magic that you’d done all your life?
A. Well, as you know, I was a goathred, but besides that, I didn’t really do anything, besides serving people here and there for a few pennies.

Q. After stealing the book, where did you first go?
A. I lived in a forrest, feeding off small animals. I made a small hut of logs and used animal hyde as my blankets. I got water from a nearby river. I lived like that for about a year.

Q. Is that where you found Odo ?
A. Well, I stole Odo from a nearby farmer, and I made a coat of wool for winter. Then later on, was when I turned him into a Raven for my benefit.

Q. Do you remember anything from when you were dead?
A. Not really, all I remember is waking up, and having to dig for air and light. I was truly mad when I found out that Sybil and useless Odo burried me .


Ryan S
An interview with Damian and Odo

Interviewer: Hello! I’m here with odo and damian from “the book without words.” how are you two today

odo: O.k

damin: fine

interviewer: lets get started. how does it feel to be main characters in a book?

Damian: Pretty good, i get paid quite alot!

Odo: Is that all you think about boy?

Damian: yes!

Interviewer: Whoa! lets not get carried away. well, have you finished the book yet

odo: nope

Damian: but Avi says my big finish is coming up!

interviewer: what will your finish be?

Damian: No clue. but Avi says i’ll never have to worry about money again


Damian: what?

odo: oh nothing

interviewer: do you know what it is odo?

odo: huh? oh, of course not

Damian: makes no differance.

Interviewer: So, who is the villian in the…

Odo and damian: Thorston!

Thorston: What!?

interviewer: oh nothing, still not done with these too

Thorston: oh… make sure it doesnt happen again, i lost my good seat.

Damian: Bascroft is bad too, he wants my money!

Interviewer: that is all you think about, isnt it? maybe you should get a life.

Damian: I cant without money! im leaving!

Interviewer: i think im gonna get fired for this.

odo: HAHA, well good luck you fool.

interviewer: wait. dont leave… oh man.

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