Stage 1: What are the DESIRED RESULTS? START with the end in mind.

Student Created Public Service Announcement that employs persuasive techniques to promote the idea that EDUCATION MUST NEVER BE UNDERVALUED

Essential Question(s)

  • What is the purpose of a Public Service Announcements (PSA)?
  • How can persuasive techniques be used in PSAs?
  • What cultures have historically UNDER/DEvalued education?
  • What positive outcomes can come from having a high quality education?
  • What is the VALE of EDUCATION?

Understandings (required)

  • Persuasive techniques,
  • Use of movie making software
  • Value of
    • Education
    • Self-Reflection
    • Responsibility
    • Accountability
    • Empathy
    • Collaboration

Students will know

  • persuasive techniques
  • audio, still picture, and video file formats
  • a love for learning within themselves
  • their own education affects the larger world around them
  • how to get an education

Students will be able to

  • convince others of the positive value of education
  • create, publish, market/promote a 2 minute PSA using freely available movie making software
  • Make the PSA available in multiple language formats in multiple ways
  • promote a common understanding of the positive value of education
  • upload the PSA to a video hosting site
  • embed the PSA on student-created websites
  • market/publicize PSAs through email and snail mail specifically to meet the various needs of your wide and varied audiences.
  • make concerted attempts to reach your local community through family & friends.
  • write emails, facebook posts, twitter tweets, instagram posts hand written notes, letters.
  • reach the larger audiences of the world through email and snail mail
  • draft letters and press releases to local media outlets – network, cable and satellite television sources, and print and non-print news magazines and blogs or excellent repute.
  • accomplish individual tasks
  • write, proofread, edit, and publish
  • work with your student website administration interface
  • embed code in a post and page

Suggestions & Ideas

  • Focus on General Education: Language Arts/English, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, Music, Career, Technology
  • Focus Education in Specific Content Areas: Safe Internet practices, writing with proper grammar, balancing a checkbook,
  • Focus on Education in Core Values: Compassion, Open-mindedness

Stage 2: Using what ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE will students achieve the DESIRED RESULTS?

Performance Tasks – Culminating Task – PUBLICATION of the Public Service Announcement

  • G – Real world Goal – Create a PSA to persuade people in the general public that EDUCATION MUST NEVER BE UNDERVALUED
  • R – Real world Role – As a student in the current Public School System
  • A – Real world Audience – that will be viewed by student peers, parents, policy makers, and other community members
  • S – Real world Situation – who feel that education is a joke and has no value in their daily lives
  • P – Real world Products or Performances – and PUBLISH and MARKET your PSA aggresively
  • S – Real world Standards – Ultimately, your performance on this REAL WORLD TASK will be graded upon publication using this RUBRIC – Public Service Announcement Rubric. Feedback from viewers will be collected for grading purposes based on published comments where the video is uploaded/embedded.

Other Evidence

  • Teacher created tests
  • Warm Ups
  • Observations
  • Conferences on Progress on Public Service Announcment
    • Written and Drawn Story Board/Scripting
    • Digital and Written Rough Drafts
    • Digital or Written Final Drafts

Stage 3: What path will my students most likely take in order for me to using the ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE planned so that each child will achieve the DESIRED RESULTS?

W – Where are we going?  What is expected?

H – How will we hook (Introduce this to) the students?

E1 – How will we equip students for expected performances?

R – How will you rethink or revise?  What are likely or predictable student misunderstandings and/or performance weaknesses in this unit?  What do the research and teacher experience say we can expect the greatest difficulties to be?  What suggestions can you offer about how to troubleshoot these issues?

E2 – How will students self-evaluate and reflect on their learning?

T – How will we tailor learning to varied needs, interests, and learning styles?

O – How will we organize the sequence of learning?

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