All you have to do is post your agreement by posting the words, “I AGREE.”

This means you better behave properly.

If you do not agree, you forfeit your entire grade for this assignment.

If you misbehave during somone’s performance, you forfeit your grade.

Read this . . .

Audience Etiquette

All will be expected to follow Audience Etiquette. Your failure to abide by these guidelines will result in your receiving a zero (0) on your performance.

If you receive a zero for not following Audience Etiquette, you will have one chance to make up that grade at the teacher’s convenience. However, the highest grade you will be allowed to earn for a perfect performance is the score of 80 percent.

  • Pay attention to all performances; watch and listen.
  • Stay quiet; absolutely no talking.
  • Never make fun of another person’s performance.
  • Refrain from shouting comments to or intentionally distracting the actor during a presentation.
  • Avoid practicing your scene during other performances.
  • Hold applauds until all presentations have been seen.
  • Never get out of your seat, move around the room, or distract the teacher during a performance.
  • The teacher-director is the one to offer suggestions or critiques after final performances. During the rehearsal process you will often provide peer evaluations to enhance the final presentation. Please refrain from making negative remarks to your classmates after they have completed a final performance.

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NOW, post “I AGREE,” and you are ready to responsibly attend a performance. . .Just be responsible for yourself.

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