Hey all.

Thanks for checking in with the third week of The Year of the Hangman Book Discussion. We are currently in week three of our four(ish) week project. This week we are reading chapters 12 through 17.

Some interesting questions are in store, and I hope you leave a comment on at least one of them. There were some interesting perspecitves shared on whose responsibility it is to rebuild New Orleans, and whether or not it should be rebuilt at all.

Also, I was very happy to find most of you felt comfortable with the idea that teens should begin working at fifteen or earlier. I’m for it. My car is filthy. ; If you want some work, my car needs some attention.
The deal this week is the same as it has been in weeks past, you need only pick one discussion to participate in, but you are welcome to weigh in on as many topics as you would like to.

If you have any questions please contact me at moshej@browardschools.com.

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