Welcome to Week One of the discussions born of The Book Without Words. Many things are here for you to complete this week.

  1. Proverbs WebQuest Part One (Required for ALL) – Let us not forget that the best things in life are free. How do we know what that means? Find out about that and other proverbs as you work through the Proverb Webquest Part One. When you finish the Webquest you will understand why the end justifies the means.
  2. Discussion Questions (Pick one of them)
    1. One of the things we explore this week are the elements of setting. Go to the Week One – Setting Discussion page to find out and discuss how Avi delivers a crisp clear look at the world around Sybil, Odo, Alfric, and the others.
    2. Another element of the text we could discuss is the author’s use of hidden meanings. Avi masterfully has characters say things to deliberately give us a look at how they think and feel about the people, places, things and events in the world he has created for them. Go to the Week One – Hidden Meanings page to discuss how Avi uses this skill in the book.
    3. And yet another topic you couldchoose to look into is that ofAlchemists. Who were they? What did they do? Go to the Week One – Alchemists page to discuss alchemists.


  • Proverbs WebQuest – Deadline March 12th – Assignment Closes!
  • Discussion Question – Deadline March 12th – Assignment Closes!
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