Before you get to the question you have to understand that this is a discussion, and that you will be graded for “discussing” . You might be wondering, “How do you grade ‘discussing’,  Mr. Moshé?” Well, here’s what you have to do.

  • Answer the Discussion Question completely (50%).
  • Respond to at least one classmate’s answer (50%).
    • A response to a classmate must be substantial.
    • Substantial means having something to add to another’s comment:
      • agreement with explanation,
      • disagreement with explanation,
      • add something completely new.

Here’s the question:

Why did Doyle choose Watson to narrate Hound instead of having Holmes tell the story himself? What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing it this way?

Be advised that I will not go through how to answer every question. You must get into the practice of answering every part of a question.

Now, go ahead to your class discussion by clicking the link for your period:

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