If you are reading this notice, go to everyone’s websites and let them know.

Do not approve comments written by people who we do not know.

You may approve comments by people we know, such as:

  • classmates with the email addresses we know

  • classmates with Edublogs addresses we have written down

  • Edublogs addresses on my page of student website addresses

  • your parents and/or legal guardians

If you violate this rule, I will have to delete your website. I’m sure you understand.

Much love and peace.

Mr. Moshé

I wanted to urge you to go to the file sharing websites (youtube, vodpod, my space, teachertube, photobucket, etc.) to search for videos related to your books. I found some great stuff from around the world related to Freak the Mighty and the author of that book, Rodman Philbrick.I’m trying to get some of the videos to load in my VODPOD widget in the sidebar. Also, remember to go to each other’s websites. If you don’t see discussion questions on your classmate’s websites, mention it to them in comments on their sites and to me in class.

You are all completely wondrous, and I will be sad to go. You all make me so proud. Not that I will not go. I am going. Oh yes, I’m going alright.

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