9TH BLOCK – Today you will take notes in one of many ways. You decide which of the these links to use:

Personal Daily Reading – You should by this point all have personal novels. Each day when you show up, you are to

  • Grab your novel. If you do not have your personal novel, then you have to use a newspaper. and read for a minimum of 15 minutes. Out of this reading, you must:
    • By the end of the week, you should have
      • Written a short summary of the portion you’ve read over the course of the week.
      • Written 1 of each type of Marzano/Bloom question (7 total)
      • Written the appropriate answer for each question.
        • Write the question into the answer; reword the question in the answer
        • Give you answer.
        • Provide details and/or information from the reading to support your answer.

Character Recognition – You all begin with 100/100 points in this grade. This new grade is a reflection of how much you take an interest in your own achievement as well as that of others. When the class is supposed to be doing something -say silently reading novels, newspapers, etc. – then you should exemplify the right thing to do by doing that. This grade will be based on the your display of character traits and character building behaviors such as:


  • responsibility, open-mindedness, honesty, courage, perseverance, self-honesty, willingness, loyalty, seflless service, faith, integrity, humility, altruism, justice, spirituality,  get it?
  • You lose 1 point each time I see/talk to you about your not exeplifying character or character building behaviors.

Other Goings On and Options

  • Enter the American Library of Poetry Annual POETRY CONTEST


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