What you will find below are resources that I have used in regular education and in my enrichment class. Check ’em out. They’re all useful.

  • Good Discussion Questions – This presentation will take you through what good discussion questions are, how to write them and why they’re important, but not necessarily in that order. You’ll also get some valuable question stems that you can take and modify to suit your needs. Enjoy. Reflect. Grow.
  • ReadingPictures – This powerpoint will take you through the meticulous process of learning to READ a picture. In reality it is much more natural than this ppt presents it.
    • We took cornell notes while we went through the ppt.
    • We practiced READING 2 pictures.
    • We reviewed the Steps to READ a picture.
    • We practiced READING 1 picture.
  • DISSECT – Word ATTACK!!!!!!!
  • SQ3R –   Students grasp a greater amount of content from their textbook readings when they use the highly structured SQ3R Process.
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