Post to this discussion. Listen for examples of literary techniques, figurative language, and poetic devices used in the media below.

EVERY  post will get extra credit points provided the post has no errors.

Points can be used (divided up or not) to bring any grade to the next letter grade. For example:

  • If youhave an A on an assignment, the points can NOT be used for that assignment.
  • If you have and 84 (C), you can only use one (1) point for that assignment to bring it up to 85 (B).
  • If you have a 30 (F) – you put the effort in and turned the assinment in, you can use 40 points to bring it up to a 70 (D).
  • You can not use the points on “ZERO” grades (assignments you never turned in).
      1. 100 points – most poetic techniques and most quoted examples with no errors
      2. 92 points – 2nd most with quoted examples with no errors
      3. 84 points – 3rd most with quoted examples with no errors
      4. 76points – 4th most with quoted examples with no errors
      5. Anyone else can have 10 extra credit points if you post with no errors

OK READY? Scroll down, click play and listen closely. Listen as many times as you want to. GET THOSE POINTS.

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