Rarely do we get oppotunities to meet and speak with survivors of the Holocaust. Today offered such an opportunity.

I took the class through Children_of_the_Holocaust which led into a rare up close and personal visit with Irving Bienstock. Mr. Bienstock was born and lived in Dortmund, Germany until he was about 12 years old, whne he miraculously made his escape from NAZI ruled Germany. We heard him take us through his story whcih gave us an idea of what life was like before NAZI Germany, during build up toward the final solution, and after he escaped the horros of NAZI Germany.

Afterward, I fielded some questions to the best of my ability.

We then did a brief warm up on FORGIVENESS.

FINALLY, we copied down the widely known writing by Martin  Niemöller – And then they came for me  and reflected upon personal responsibiilty when faced with the fact that someone else is being bullied, exploited, rediculed, told they are “less than”.

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