So let’s start with some word association fun….I’m going to say a word and you say a few things that IMMEDIATELY come to mind. K. Ready?


Her are some answers I got…

NRA should be shot.

Can you even stand people who lean on phrases like the one this post is titled by?

Makes you wanna say, “No kidding.”

Not sure if you agree with me?

Do you people really think it can be as cut and dry as this?

Are the guns the problem? You may be saying in your head, right now, “Could it be that maybe, just maybe, a non-sentient thing could decide to kill?  Could you consider for a moment that a gun left to it’s own devices (what?) might, just maybe, could even by the slightest bit remotely consider aiming itself at, oh, anything alive with a strong volition to kill it? And actually DO it? Could you entertain this idea for a minute?”

Put a gun in a room with a bunch of air and how many people will be at risk of being hurt or killed?

Ok, now put a psychopath – with an uncontrollable urge to end life in any form for no sane reason no matter how you look at it – in a room with a bunch of other people, and how many people will be at risk of being hurt or killed? Add to this scenario . . . a loaded gun.

Obviously, guns are in and of themselves inanimate objects without people around.

The phrase is a waste of time.

Tell you what….

What say we take the gun out of the hand of one who would use it to kill someone . . . what are we left with?

What if, my dear conservative gun fans, we make guns harder to get a hold of? Why does that have to be sucha n offense to you?

Could there possibly be something wrong with the fact that I could go out and buy four (or more)  guns and acquire hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition in a few months’ time?

I have nothing more to say about this except that I will pray and meditate on the hope that this country can find an alternative to the second amendment.

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