These are DUE by MIDNIGHT on SATURDAY, March 30th, 2014!!!!

This is a gentle reminder that the following assignments should be done and SUBMITTED FOR REVIEW:

  1. 3    POSTS – Fahrenheit 451 Literature Circle Round Discussion Questions 3, 4, 5  (and maybe more for extra credit). These should already have been done. Fahrenheit 451 – Suggested Discussion Post Format
  2. 2    POSTS – Articles of the Week (2) – Follow the format I went over this week. Article of the Week
  3. 2    POSTS – Approach Papers (2) as POSTS – You can pull your best Discussion Questions from your Literature Circle Discussions into your paper. When posting a paper to your website, you DO NOT NEED a heading. Integrate the Book Title and Author Name into the introduction. ALSO, move the discussion questions to the end of the post. Approach Paper Assignment for a Fiction Book OR Approach Paper Assignment for a Nonfiction Book
  4. 1    PAGE – About Me (1) as a PAGE.  Your brief autobiography. About Me
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