You will take out 2 sheets of paper. Your goal – Write to explain what you did over your Spring Break, AND, if need be embellish.

Your writing must:

  1. Be structured into separate paragraphs. See the outline suggestion below.
  2. Be written in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, although you may use flashback in the final draft. Other , metaphors, and other literary devices within your wriitng.
  3. Show your understanding of Cause/Effect relationships
  4. Integrate us of the five senses – Imagery

Things to think about before you start drafting might include:

  1. Did an event last a few days?
  2. Did an individual day have multiple events?
  3. Think about how you may want to structure the whole thing AFTER you get all the memories on paper.

Here is a suggested outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 1 – Last Day of School
  3. Body 2 – First event of Break
    1. Give us details concerning what you did for this. . . .
    2. Why did you do this? you had to? you wanted to? you needed to?
    3. What did you see? Who was there?
    4. Where were you? When did this happen?
    5. What did you hear? music? crying babies? laughter?
    6. What did you smell? baby poop? changing diapers…icky…
    7. What did you taste? food? what foods?
    8. What did you touch? the grass? trees? other people’s hearts?
    9. What did you think about it all? This could be your main idea sentence for this section!!
    10. What about this event connected or led to other parts of the event?
    11. Then transition to the next event.
    12. Hit all these questions to the best of your ability for EACH thing you did (Body 3,4,5,,etc.)
  4. Body 3 – Second event of break
  5. Body 4 – Third event of break
  6. Body 5 – fourth, Fifth, Sixth? How many things did you do?
  7. Conclusion

Your Autobiographical Spring Break Review must be

  • 25% of grade – PLANNED – Sheet of paper #1 – Use the outline suggestion above to help you plan.
  • 25% of grade – DRAFTED on PAPER – Sheet of paper #2.
  • 25% of grade – PROOFED by at least one peer. – Essay Revision Sheet Style.
  • 25% of grade – POSTED to your websites and submitted to me by Wednesday evening midnight.
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