Here’s an extended version of the assignment for the Disney Movie Frozen. I have integrated a multiple choice assignment I found out there on the internet @ You can complete the multiple choice questions for extra credit. I also integrated a Discussion Questions to Post and Host Assignment.

If you remember correctly, you were asked to post the Universal Themes Essay Assignment to your own website. I would like to offer you an alternative to the Essay Assignment. If you are so inclined, you may complete the Discussion Questions to Post and Host Assignment rather than the Essay Assignment.

So, here are your options:

  1. Option 1  – Universal Themes Essay Assignment – Letter to a Sixth Grader
  2. Option 2 – Discussion Questions – 2 POSTS/QUESTIONS

Email me to let me know what you have decided to do.

The entire assignment is here – Disney’s Frozen – 10 Multiple Choice Questions, 15 Discussion Options to Post and Host, and 1 Essay Assignment

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