Our three week Fiction Unit is wrapping up. Over these weeks we have gradually . . . ever . . . so . . . slowly . . . been taking in all the suspense we could handle. It will all be wrapping up in a week and a half, so we’re using all the time we have left to make it all count.

We have done so much. I’m so proud of you all for the time you have put into it in class and at home. But we’re not through yet. Here is a look at all you have accomplished so far.

We visited with an imprisoned deranged murderous caretaker whose guilt got the best of him in The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. In W.W. Jacobs’ The Monkey’s Paw we found out that 3 wishes couldn’t make things right for the White family, while in Joan Aiken’s The Third Wish it was withholding that third wish that brought Mr. Peters the happiness he sought all his life. We went back to Poe with The Raven as you observed a haunting raven taunt a maniacal self-imprisoned man obsessed with his lost love Lenore. In in Frank R. Stocton’s The Lady or the Tiger we did an old style personal inventory and got to know ourselves a little bit better in choosing  a lady or a tiger for the fate of a young forbidden love in a semi-barbaric situation.

Tomorrow, Thursday, you will consider writer’s style. What makes a writer’s style his or her own? To answer this we will consider and compare The Black Cat with The Tell-Tale Heart and possibly The Raven. That’s right, you will read another tale from the father of the detective genre, Edgar Allan Poe.

This Friday, you will wrap up the entire Fiction Unit with our last tale of suspense penned by a more modern master, Shirley Jackson. We will hear the radio play, The Hitchhiker. And next Monday you will be treated to a viewing of a crazy cool made for television adaptation of this tale produced by the one and only Rod Serling as we watch an episode of the classic Twilight Zone series.

The remainder of next week will be yours to be as productive as you can possibly be as you get your 3 Projects completed to be turned in by November 3rd.

I’m confident you will get it all together.

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