We will start class with some notes on How to Write Completely Correct Answers to Follow-Up Questions. In order to get full credit for your answers to Follow-Up questions aft er reading any major piece of literature, each answer MUST satisfy the following requirements: (1) REWORD the question in your answer, (2) ANSWER the question, (3) provide DETAILS from the text to logically support whatever your answer is. Answers written properly can be described as having been written in RAD format. Your answers must be in RAD format.

After going over this requirement in detail and providing examples for how this is done, we will proceed into our first full length reading selection, Thank You M’am by Langston Hughes. You can access this short story at my.hrw.com.

We will read the story together. Here is what you’ll be responsible for in our study of this story.

  • Before we read – Warm Up – What is “the best of you”? Who gets the best of you?
  • During Reading – While reading, write one to four word, very brief answers to the Active Reading Questions (A-F).
  • After Reading – Answer each of the Follow-Up Questions (#1,2,3,4,6,7,8,&9) in RAD format.

We will work together on this for 4 days. In the process I will share with you my own written answers to questions 1,2,3, & 4. You will complete 1-4 & 6-9 in the best possible form as you can possibly offer. I expect your best effort.

DUE – 9/9

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