What if . . . Pick Kevin or Max.

The purpose of predicting is to illustrate that you know how to make inferences and use them to make reading more exciting.

What’s an inference when it comes to literature? As a reader you make inferences when you predict that something will happen based on details or facts from the text.

For this blog entry, you will make educated guesses about a main character’s choices based on knowledge that you have gleaned from reading the book. Your response to this blog will illustrate how well you understand the character you write about.

  • Your response must take the form of a short paragraph – a paragraph is made up of a main idea sentence and supporting detail sentences. A good short paragraph would have 5 or more sentences.
  • You must provide at least 3 specific examples from the novel that would convince me that your prediction is probable and possible.

Here we go!!

Choose one (1, 2, 3 or 4) of the following suggested situations for your main character.
Write an essay completing the topic sentence with one of your choices.
Make sure that your choice is supported with specific details from the book, because you are making an inference that should be based on facts.

1) The main character ____________, will probably die:
a) in a car accident
b) of a strange disease
c) of a broken heart
d) by lethal injection
e) choose another method: ___________________________________

2) If the main character, ________________, could choose a vacation location, he would prefer:
a) sunbathing in Hawaii
b) camping in the Rocky Mountains
c) fishing in Wisconsin
d) skiing in Europe

e) choose another vacation location: __________________________

3) For his birthday, the main charcter ___________________, would like the following gift:
a) a motorcycle
b) a $200 dollar gift certificate to a clothing store
c) a computer
d) a case of something to drink
e) choose another gift: _______________________________________

4) The main character, _____________________, wins a One Million Dollar Lottery and must decide what to do with the money. His choice is to:
a) give some or all of it to a charity or cause
b) take a trip around the world
c) go into hiding in the mountains
d) buy lots of materialistic things
e) choose another spending choice: ___________________________________________

You must choose one from the above choices, and write a paragraph that explains your choice using facts from the novel. Happy writing!!

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