The Time Machine Unit

Comments and Suggestions
By posting here, you will be helping me refine the process you’ve been through for future generations.

What did you think?

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Comments you can post here may deal with these categories or querries. No matter what you suggest, check your motives…don’t waste our time with fluff:

  • Classroom Activities
    • What would you like to have seen happen?
      • Guest Speaker? Who? Why? How would it be connected to the book?
      • Read Aloud – Reader’s Theater Style or not
      • Art in the classroom
      • Music in the classroom
  • Field Trip Opportunities
    •  Where do you want to go? Why? How would going there connect tot he novel?
  • Technology Use
    • What technology? How would it be used? Any ideas? eh?
      • Laptops 
      • LCD Projector
      • Promethean Board
      • Image Scanner
      • Overhead Projector
      • DVD
      • TV
      • Cell Phones? Huh? yes. Cell Phones. Any ideas?
      • iPod
      • Cameras – SnapShot and/or Video
      • PodCasts
      • Internet Websites? Which? Why?
      • Email
      • Blogs

Here are some possible questions for your feedback:

  • What did you like or dislike about the project?

  • What did you not like about the project?

  • If you didn’t post often – why not?

  • What did you think of the questions each week?

  • Did you prefer one big question (like the one for Week4) or would you rather have choice from multiple questions (like we did in Weeks 1 through 3)?

  • Would you have liked interaction (or more interaction) with the author?

  • Did you like the additional links to learn more about some of the characters in the novel?

  • Would you do a project like this again? Why or why not?

—-I am practicing attaching files. You may also use this blog to let me know if files are attaching properly. Thanks!!

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