Hey all!! I truly have no idea what to expect. Well that’s not entirely true.

In addition to the 161 students here at Westpine Middle, we will almost certainly have readers joining us from Liberty Missouri. Additionally, because Mr. Langhorst has mentioned posting the fact that we are having this discussion on his blogspot page and mentioned us in his podcast, people could join us from all corners of the globe.
Even Mr. Blackwood, the author himself, has voiced interest in dropping in.

This should prove to be very exciting. I only hope everyone in attendance and participation will have as much fun being a part of this as I have been having researching and working on building it.

Each week during the four week time period we will suggest reading a certain number of chapters and several questions relating to the novel. We hope each particpant will make at least one comment each week. You are welcome to post as many comments as you please; not only in reply to the orignial question, but also to any comment other participants make. Our hope is to create an online conversation about this novel.

Commenting on the blog is easy. Follow these easy steps:

  • To leave a comment about a question please click the title for that discussion questions or topic. THat will lead you to the page with where comments can be read and posted.
  • You can read others’ comments.
  • You can type your comment in the text box on the bottom of the screen.
  • In order for your comment to be accepted, you will have to supply a name and an email address. If you do not have a real email address, you can get one for free in a number of places.
  • Just leave the WEBSITE blank.
  • Special note on what to type for your name – DO NOT USE YOUR FULL NAME.
    • Any entries with a full name will not be published on the blog, or will be deleted by Mr. Moshé.
    • For Mr. Moshé’s students, please use
      • First Name, Last Initial and Period Number
      • For Example: Henry Q 2
    • For out of town participants, please use
      • Frist Name, Last Initial – Location
      • For example: Suzie Q – Missouri
  • Please be advised that under certain circumstances, your comment may not appear immediately. It could be sent to the moderator of the blog, and once it is approved it will be posted.

If you have any questions about posting or what to expect on this book blog please e-mail the moderator, Mr. Moshe at moshej@browardschools.com , or post a comment or question to this thread.

Thanks more than I can say for taking part in this discussion.

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