Last week we explored the power of the law, the meaning of magic, and breadth of Northumbria.

Discussion of “The Law Question” illustrated that some of those around us tend to abuse the power given them; we learned that one must not abuse one’s given strengths to the disadvantage of others.

In “The Magic Question” we considered that personal responsibility with outstanding power is all one needs to check one’s motives when dispensing that power in the discussion on the idea that magic gives what it takes.

We found out that the Vikings played a major role in the development of Northern England as they explored the northern coastlines.

This week we close our book discussions with three topic questions and one project for all:


The Book Itself Question – What was your impression of the book from start to finish?

The Word Power Question – What can words really do?

The Life Question – What magic is in your life?

THE PROJECT – Required for ALL

The Final Culminating Event – You have seven options. Check ’em out!



NEXT WEEK – Comments and Suggestions . . . More will be revealed.

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