• War Party by Louise L’Amour -Historical Fiction
  • The Other Pioneers by Roberto Felix Salazar – Poetry
  • Before you read:

    1. What is “History”?
    2. What is “Fiction”?
    3. What is Historical Fiction?
    4. Who were Lewis & Clark?
    5. Use the folliwng terms and the story’s title, WAR PARTY, to make predictions about what might happen inthe story.
      1. pioneers, wagon train, prairie, the Sioux, buffalo

    While you read, take notes and write answers to the following questions:

    • Continue to make and remake your predictions (3+):
      • Record new clues from the test that make you make prediction(s).
      • Record your prediction(s).
      • Record your reactions and outcomes uncovered as you read on.
    • EXTRA CREDIT: Find examples of the following Literary Devices/techniques:
      • Tone, Mood, Characterization, Conflict, Simile, Metaphor, Cause/Effect, Generalization, Rhyme, Imagery
    • FOCUS: What did the bravery of Lewis & CLark do for you?

    After you read:

    • What did the bravery of Lewis and Clark do for you?
    • Answer the following Questions from Page 753 in LOL. You must write complete sentence answers which include the following: (1) reword the question in the answer, (2) give your answer, (3) details to support your answer.
    • Connect to the Literature – #1
    • Think Critically – #2, #3, #4
    • Extend Interpretation – #5, #7
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