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Here is the MONSTER Vocabulary MASTER LIST #2: Study 4 words a night, and then review them all Thursday night. YOu will be able to vote on the 10 TESTED WORDS tomorrow. Be involved, make a difference. VOTE!

You must create vocabulary charts for the entire list. The charts are due Tuesday.

Vocabulary Resources can be found at the below links.

  • Acquaintance–slight knowledge
  • Perpetrator–person who commits a crime
  • Conviction–a decision or judgment
  • Accusation–a statement charging a person
  • Taint–spot or trace
  • Menace–a threat
  • Technician– person skilled in a specific trade
  • Transverse–cross-wise
  • Incident– an event
  • Implicate–to show involvement in
  • Verdict–a decision in a court of law
  • Consign–to assign; commit
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