Begin with a brief review of the basic plot elements: Exposition (main character, general setting, core conflict[s]), Rising Action (complications, character & conflict development), Climax, Falling Action, Resolution.

Also, review the stages in the writing process: Brainstorming, Plannning, Drafting, Proofing/Editing, Redrafting (some call this Final Drafting).

Now let’d work those two together.

While watching the Twilight Zone episode entitled Obsolete Man, take notes about the general plot elements.

Think about the book Fahrenheit 451 as compared to the Obsolete Man.

Your task: Write an essay to explain any connections and allusions you could identify between the Twilight Zone episode Obsolete Man and any ideas, events, characters from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

You must turn in proof of all stages of the writing process. You have to end up with a FINAL DRAFT.

This is due to be turned in when we finish the book.

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