Your HW to get caught up with the other blocks includes finishing the Radio Play PPT, and answering two questions while you listen to the Powerpoint.

Below you can find links to . . .

  • Introduction to Radio Plays Powerpoint.
    • Finish clicking through this. Add to your ntoes if needed.
  • War of the Worlds – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
    • Listen to the episode of your choice. Answer the focus questions:
      1. Is this a good radio story? Why or why not?
      2. What are possible outcomes from a radio story such as this presented this way?

I thought it would be nice for those absent students to be able to check out what we did and how went about doing it, too. So here is the Week 5 Powerpoint with DEAR, HW Reminders, Warm Ups, and Core Activities. Speak to your classmates first if you have any questions. Anyone who was present can help you.

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