Unit Test 1 – Elements of Fiction

Section 1 – Seven In-Class Short Story Questions

1.(SR) Describe the details in the exposition of the story.
2.(ER) Explain the difference between primary and secondary characters using information from the story.
3.(ER) What point of view is the story told from?  Why did the author tell the story from that point of view?
4.(ER) Describe one internal conflict and one external conflict for the main character.
5.(SR) Pick a scene with a certain mood from the story. Name the mood, and explain how the author created it.
6.(SR) Identify an important moment for the main character. Name the tone, and explain how the author created it.
7.(SR)  If the story has foreshadowing, explain the connection between foreshadowing and suspense in the story.

Unit Test 1 – Elements of Fiction

Section 2 – Two In-class Novel Questions


Directions: Please pick 1 SR question and 1 ER question from the list of 7 questions to answer about Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Section 3 –  Individual Novels – RAFTS


Directions: Consider your personal novel, and satisfy the writing requirements of the RAFT.

Role (you):  Author of the book you are reading

Audience:  Book Publisher

Format  Letter

Topic:  Sell the idea for your book

Strong Verb:  Persuade (teacher discretion)

Tips – Read & interpret the RAFTS. Imagine!!! Storm, Plan, Write.

¡You have to write a letter as the author of the book you are reading to a book publisher in order to persuade that publisher to buy the idea for your book.
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