Student websites are active. This means that our classroom is a Writer’s Workshop. Everything you will ever turn in will be brought to your groups for peer proofing, editing, and kind loving feedback for the rest of the school year. After in-class workshopping, you will create each piece of writing as a POST or PAGE for your website. Once in the website editing system, you and I will work very closely on everything from punctuation issues, literary concept misunderstandings, appropriate netiquette; well, everything is fair game once it’s me and you working on your posts and pages. But you have to get there first.

The next time you bring something into class – an Approach Paper, an Article of the Week reflection, an essay, a poem, a short story you wrote, whatever it is – bring 3 copies to share with group members.

So if I were you, this is what things would be like in class from now on.

Say I’m in a group with three other people. I finish my personal novel, and I write my approach paper on the book. I save that approach paper. I print 3 copies of the approach paper and bring them to school (GRADE1). I give the 3 copies to my group mates so they can look it over in general and proofread it for specific things. My group mates are Tara, Clara, and Roberta. All of us have taken the Diagnostic Test and crunched the data. Based on the Diagnostic test data, Tara knows that she is strong in punctuation, so she will check my paper (GRADE2a) for punctuation issues; Clara knows that she is strong in organizational methods, so she will check my paper (GRADE2b) for general organization; and Roberta knows she is strong in main ideas and supporting details, she will check my paragraphs (GRADE2c). I get the approach papers back from them in five to ten minutes with their constructive criticism & other kind praise. That night, I take my 3 copies of my approach paper home and type it up as a POST for my website. After I’m done typing it in, I SUBMIT it FOR REVIEW (GRADE3) to Mr Moshé. When Mr Moshé & I feel it is ready for publishing, he will publish it on my website (GRADE4).

I take every single thing I write for Mr Moshé’s class through this writing process. Novel Study Discussion Questions, Article of the Week Reflections, Essays, Short Stories, anything I write gets (1) written by me to the best of my INITIAL attempt, (2) proofed by my group mates, (3) drafted into my website & Submitted to Mr Moshé, (4) Published to my website.

So, here it is my responsible young adults . . . No matter what you have that is due, if it is a piece of writing, make sure you bring 3 copies of it to class with you when it is due so it can be workshopped with your group. Cool? If you understand this expectation, then comment on this post. Tell me in your comment that you understand. Of course, even if you don’t comment, I know you got this post two ways; (1) it was emailed to you  because you are subscribed to my website & (2) you have “followed” my website. I told you what you have to do from this point on. Cheers. See you Monday!

If you have any questions, submit your questions as comments below.

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