The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Preview & Preparation

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BUY A PERSONAL COPY OF The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien & Get a free extra credit test grade – This MUST be a physical copy; digital copies will not do.  Get your own copy….Get a free extra credit test grade added to your PowerSchool grades. SWEET!!!!

Objective – PREVIEW the UNIT of Study – Familiarize yourself with the tasks you will be required to do while we read The Hobbit. Examine every page of this document. You will be allowed to work with people in your group for much of this work.

NOW, your task, should you accept it, is to:
(1) Look the ENTIRE document over.

(2) Pick 1 Discussion Topic for each chapter;

(3) Pick 1 PREREADING ACTIVITY CHOICE (Page 6…since my last edit): You will prepare a SLIDE presentation to satisfy your Activity.
Your SLIDES are due THIS FRIDAY, 2/16/2018.  You will prepare 1 slide presentation. You will need a poster to accompany your presentation.
This is a PROJECT/TEST grade.
Look at every page of the document. You MUST PICK ONE Chapter Discussion Opportunity (D.O.) Topic FOR EACH chapter.

HIGHLIGHT your choice in the document.
ON PAGE 6 – You MUST pick one of the PREREADING ACTIVITY CHOICES. You MUST begin work on your chosen activity promptly. You have no time to waste.

NOTICE!!!!! PREPARE YOURSELF for this FACT – You will have 20 minutes of HW every single night until you finish the book.

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