REMINDER…We have completed reading through CHAPTER 14 in class….

Chapter Requirements include all of the following:

  • Prediction: Based on the title of the chapter and everything you know from previous chapters, you must make a prediction concerning what you think will happen in the coming chapter.
  • Vocabulary: Whether there is 1 term for the chapter or 11, you must complete columns of the graphically organized Vocabulary Chart: Word, Personal Clue, Sentence from The Hobbit, Definition that matches the word’s use in the sentence from The Hobbit.
  • Guided Reading Questions: All questions covering the content of the given chapter must be answered in RADE format: Reword the question as part of the answer; Give your ANSWER tot he question in your own words; Provide DIRECT QUOTATION DETAILS from the chapter to support your answer; EXPLAIN your thinking to prove your support.
  • Summary: Write 1 SUMMARY covering all essential information using one of three methods: SWBST (least detail and fewest points posible; PLOT DIAGRAM (moderate amount of detail and medium amount of points possible; or SUMMARY PARAGRAPH (most detail and most points posible).
  • Discusion Opportunity: Pick 1 of the available DISCUSION TOPIC OPPORTUNITIES. You must address every part of the question, refer to specific detials/events from the text, and extend your thinking to real world situation(s).


Today, March 9th, students walked into a POP Quiz on Chapters 1-4.

All chapter requirements should be fulfilled by the end of today. I will continue collecting grades for any work from Chapters 1-4. We will continue with Chapter 5 Monday.

Presentations will resume next week as well. AND…

Don’t forget that you picked your 4 favorite Projects. We will start work on those soon.

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