The Year of the Hangman Book Discussion starts next week, February 11th, 2008.

To prepare for the book, think about this: What is nautical terminology?

Between now and then, we will be doing exploratory assignments both in class and at home in order to prepare.

This book is going to be a real adventure.
Hello and welcome to The Year of the Hangman book discussion. We are getting set for the February 11th launch of the book discussion. A majority of the participants in this book discussion will be students from Westpine Middle School, but I’d like to encourage students, parents, teachers and community members from all over the world to join us as we read this book over roughly 4 weeks (from February 11thy to March 5th, 2008).

Mr. Moshé, I, will be the facilitator and moderator for this book discussion. All comments will be viewed and approved by him before posting. Look for the message that “Your comment is awaiting moderation” after you submit it. That means I got it, and your comment will appear shortly (usually within a day).
Mr. Blackwood has written other great books such as: The Shakespeare Stealer, Shakespeare’s Scribe and Wild Timothy.

******** AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON MY SOURCE(S) and Copyright ********

This discussion, from start to finish, relies heavily on another book discussion that was created and moderated by an 8th grade teacher in another state. Although some of the discussion points will be altered in order to be appropriate for students working in South Florida, most of the structure and verbiage is the same. I have done my research concerning copyright infringement, and it seems like I am operating within the limits of the law. In other words, I’m not breaking the law.

In an effort to curb cheating, I am not citing that person or that URL here. Only a parent/guardian will be furnished information about the originator of this discussion framework, please email me directly at Thank you for your understanding.

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