I’m vegan, we all know that. I think you should live the life you think is the most altruistic to the best of your ability. If you want to eat meat, then by all means do it and cause the least harm. I don’t eat it. That’s my decision. Free Will people. Free Will!

Just don’t be fooled. Don’t just accept what you see and read. I get the paper every day of the week. I look at every page when I read it, and that is likely 4 out of 7 days. I even look at the bag it comes in. I picked it up, and read the bag. This is what I saw. . .


Eating chickens from Perdue would not qualify as causing the least harm. The label you see above was designed and set up by Perdue themselves. Corporations that large can not be trusted to police themselves. Read about how they came up with the way they determined the standards – or didn’t actually determine them at all. Doublespeak a its best; read Perdue’s Chicken Labels — For the Birds.

Perdue is one of the most environmentally polluting and proper business corrupting corporate giants in the world. Imagine whta will happen when we begin colonizing other planets?

Seek food sources from local farmers who REALLY treat their animals humanely. If you attend the school I teach at, talk to Mr. Meyer, he’s been doing his research about this.

Thanks for thinking.

The news source I use here is the same all the major newspapers and magazines use. I can be trusted. Here’s the link – Animal Welfare Institute Calls on Perdue to Remove Misleading ‘Humanely Raised’ and ‘Raised Cage Free’ Claims from Chicken Packaging .

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